copy of Yuzu Pon Citrus Soy Sauce 360ml MIZKAN


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Yuzu ponzu is a soy sauce made from Yuzu (Japanese lemon), ideal for marinades, salads, gyozas sauce, to add a lemony touch to dishes.


Water, soy sauce, fructose-glucose syrup, fermented vinegar, yuzu juice, salt, flavor enhancer E621 and E631, kelp extract, acidifier E330, flavors

Produced in Japan


本醸造しょうゆ(小麦・大豆を含む)、果糖ぶどう糖液糖、醸造酢、ゆず果汁、食塩、昆布だし/調味 料(アミノ酸等)、酸味料


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